A Letter for Parents

July 2, 2017

Dear Class of 2021 Parents:

On behalf of our faculty, staff, students and alumni, welcome to The University of Alabama family. We want the next four years to be a wonderful time of positive growth intellectually, spiritually and socially for your son or daughter.

Sending your student to college for the first time is never an easy thing to do. Over the course of their college career, your student will grow and change in large part based on personal interactions and the environment in which they are living. We offer numerous programs and services to aid students in their transition to college. One of our most successful efforts is through AlcoholEdu and Haven, web-based alcohol and sexual assault prevention programs that have been recognized nationally for their effectiveness. These programs use the latest prevention techniques and science-based research to educate students about the impact of alcohol and campus safety, and they are one way that the University fulfills federal requirements from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice. This year we are adding a prescription drug prevention course.

Whether or not a student drinks alcohol, the program empowers students to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and to cope more effectively with the drinking behaviors of others. The Haven course provides critical life skills associated with the prevention of sexual assault. Young adults ages 18-25, according to the 2015 SAMSHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health, have the highest rates of abuse of prescription opioids, stimulants, and anti-anxiety medications.  Hence, the addition of the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention course requirement. These programs have been helpful to many college students seeking ways to balance their new freedom in living away from home with their need to establish a healthy lifestyle as a young adult.

Every incoming student is required to take AlcoholEdu, Haven, and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. We will communicate directly with your student regarding the information and instructions to complete these courses. To help ensure that your student meets this requirement, please remind your son or daughter that all students must complete Part 1 of each course by August 18, 2017. The start date for each course is July 19, 2017.

While we are committed to making a difference with our students, we also understand that parents play an extremely important role in shaping their student’s attitudes and behaviors. To that end, we are making available additional content that is designed to support your conversations with your student around these critical health and wellness topics.

AlcoholEdu for Parents is available at: www.everfi.com/alcoholeduforparents. This online resource includes:

  • An overview of the AlcoholEdu for College course structure and key concepts
  • A demo video that provides you with an overview of the course experience
  • Downloadable resources, such as tips on talking to your student about alcohol, warning signs of an alcohol problem, and links to additional resources


Haven for Parents is available at: http://everfi.com/higher-education/haven-for-parents/. This online resource includes:

  • An overview of the Haven – Understanding Sexual Assault course structure and key concepts
  • A demo video that provides you with an overview of the course experience
  • Downloadable resources, such as tips on talking to your student about healthy and unhealthy relationships, ways to support survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence, and links to additional resources


While the completion of these courses doesn’t guarantee an alcohol-safe environment, they have proven to be helpful in educating more than one million students annually across the country.  It is our hope that the programs will make a difference in our students’ lives by helping them make good decisions about alcohol and personal safety.  Thank you in advance for encouraging your student’s prompt completion of these courses.





Stuart R. Bell