Trouble With myBama Site?

For all Login problems please contact the University of Alabama Help Desk at 205-348-5555 or email

Trouble With the AlcoholEdu Site?

For 24/7 Online Technical Support, click on the Help button located in the upper right hand corner of every screen in the AlcoholEdu or Haven course. Select the “Request Support Tab” for more contact options.

Need to Retake the Exam?

Go to and sign on with your user name and password. Select the campus life tab and click on the AlcoholEdu and Haven link to access the course. This will take you to My AlcoholEdu. From the course results box in the upper left corner, click “exam retake required.”

Minimum System Requirements:

EverFi supports any major web browser released within the previous two-year period. Some browsers may
require Adobe Flash for multimedia content.

• Chrome 20+
• Firefox 14+
• Safari 5+
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+
• AlcoholEdu for College is also supported on the default browser on Android 4.0+
• Smartphones will not work

Resolve Most Issues w/ these 3 steps:

• Switch browsers – use Chrome or Firefox when you can instead of IE
• Clear Cache:
• If you seem stuck, your screen may be zoomed in too much causing you to miss a prompt or
navigation button. To zoom out on a PC hit “control 0 (zero)” and on a Mac hit “command 0 (zero)”.

Trouble Viewing the Course Media (slides out of sync with the audio or long pauses while the audio/video clips load)?

This is usually due to to functional bandwidth limitations – heavy network traffic on your computer’s connection to the Internet – or to specific problems with certain media players.

Try the following:

  1. Ensure that you are using our minimum system requirements above.
  2. Select “Audio Only” for the Media Option on the MEDIA SETTINGS page.
  3. Close all other applications and tabs (i.e. iTunes, Facebook, YouTube) and do not have CD’s or DVD’s playing on the computer while viewing the course.
  4. Switch browser, but be sure to use another supported browser (IE, Firefox, or Safari).
  5. Reboot your computer.
  6. Uninstall and re-download the latest version of Flash.
  7. Disable all popup blockers and 3rd party toolbars.
  8. Try accessing the course from a different Internet connection, preferably high speed (computer lab, library). Other areas of the campus network may provide improved bandwidth or a particular machine may be infected with a bandwidth-consuming virus.
  9. Close all other applications and tabs (i.e. iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  10. Full Screen mode: Windows, press F11/Mac, click View menu on the browser and select Full Screen
  11.  Ensure the course is in its own browser window and not within a frame of the school portal or email
  12. If on a wireless connection, try a wired connection
  13. Try accessing at a different time of day (during non-peak internet usage hours, i.e. morning)

Audio Settings – Enabling Closed Captioning     

Issue: You want to enable the closed captioning option in AlcoholEdu.

Solution: Perform the following steps:

• Log into AlcoholEdu and click Return to where I left off in the course.

• Scroll to the bottom and click MyAlcoholEdu on the left side of the page.

• Select Course Settings.

• Below Media Settings is a box which states: Click here to enable closed captioning.

• Close the MyAlcoholEdu window.

• Refresh your screen.

NOTE:  If you get an error “Caption list not found…” we apologize for the inconvenience. There are a few areas within the course where some closed captioning is not visible. We are currently working on this issue. If your deadline is approaching, it is still possible to watch the slides and move on in the course. If you are using closed captioning because of a hardware issue, we encourage you to find a computer with speakers. Again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Will opening the course within frames cause problems?

Yes. When students open our course within a frame of another site or mail client, they will experience problems either accessing their account or making progress in their account. Please break out of all frames when linking to our URL from your school web site/communications.

Still Need Help?

Students can visit the EverFi 24/7 technical support center to speak with a live agent or submit a ticket. Click the help link in our course to access this site or go directly there via this link.